You're a freelance consultant whose clients are businesses, and are serious about growing your higher value sales?

We've spent 22 years selling to all kinds of businesses, from sole-traders, SMEs, multinationals, NGOs, government officials. We've sold in all seasons: 90s dotcom crash, post 9/11 and 2008 selling to financial sector.

We've helped 1000s of business owners just like you create a sustainable way to grow their sales.

For the first time we're bringing this £5000 worth of training to you so you can create your repeatable process to grow your sales.

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Happy customers

"Silk Route helped us land bigger opportunities. We changed our agency's sales strategy from a reactive - responding to RFPs - to being proactive, based on what we learned here." - Founder, Output

"This is my North Star. Thank you. I liked that it was not too time demanding, very concise. Practical applications. Re-focused my mind on specific area of my business and how to go about the sales process." - Founder, Concept Maths

Your business before Silk Route

"I wish I knew what to do."

"Where on do you begin to get customers buying?"

"Wish I knew the timing it to get it right, getting to buyers are right time."

"How can I be proactive rather than reactive, with selling?"

"How do I stay organised with the selling?"

"How do you build a sales plan and pipeline?"

"With each new customer I keep having to reinvent the wheel."

"It's taking so long for them to buy."

But your business after Silk Route...

...has everything you need to create your process to help you get started. All that frustrated energy you've spent worrying what to do, or scrapping around without a systematic approach? Now you can focus your energy on growing your business during downtime and uptime.

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Helps you deconstruct the elements that go into developing your process.

Customer often buys from you on the basis of number of interactions or a well-designed process. Which is why you must be intentional with every interaction.

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5 Quality videos

Learn on the move, in your own time, without being overwhelmed, with step-by-step guidance.

Lesson plans help you quickly develop your sales process in a week... building strong relationships with your prospects.

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Made to measure

Engaged clients spend more. You've worked hard to connect with new potential customers. So why give your hard work away?

Create your tailored system to stay in the mind of buyers, so when they're ready, they'll buy from you.

What will you learn with Silk Route?

  • A timeless system that works in all seasons
  • Build a map of the journey for customers to buy from you
  • Discover the small wins you need to achieve to help your customers say YES
  • Create your repeatable system to help customers buy from you
  • Create your tailored game-plan to dominate your niche
  • Avoid mistakes that slow down sales opportunities
  • Know exactly what tools you need to shorten the time it takes buyers to buy
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All The Tools You Need To Build Your Successful Sales Process