When you make a cold-call, you have 10 seconds to impress. What do you say?

You are an entrepreneur or freelancer selling your products / services face-to-face.

You want to have a steady flow of potential customers who pay your high rates

You have been told that using your phone and email is a fast way to get in front of potential buyers

But You have no clue where to get started.

You are not naturally talkative or confident, you are way too classy and spiritual to be pushy, and you don't want to bother people.

How do you get the person on the other end of the phone/ email excited about your product or service?

To see that yours is different?

And excited to meet you?

Cold calling tends to be an uphill struggle. Can a simple set of words and a step-by-step system enable you to impress the client and convince them to meet you? Even if you’ve never done it before?

The frustration of cold calling often boils down to knowing what to say

You don’t want to come across sounding amateur on the phone. You’ve got to sound authoritative and credible, otherwise the client will get confused, won’t believe you and go to the competition. When you get it wrong you can lose an opportunity. When you keep getting it wrong, it affects your business, your income and life.

How do you get your point across in a snappy way and sound knowledgeable?

You want to promote what you're doing so that the company might be interested. But you've got to show you're different and knowledgeable. It’s about getting all your points across and talking to the right person.

You want to get your point across, but you don't want to do the usual salesy thing,

...especially as you’re selling yourself and your ideas. You’re more attached, so you feel anxious you don't want to be too salesy.

If your call doesn't go well, you get knocked back

So then you think this cold-calling thing is not working and decide to not do it for a little while. This is obviously not a good idea, because you need to generate new leads for your business.

But people around you say cold calling works for them

You see the possibilities that come with sending an email now and being in a prospect’s office in two weeks and having a bunch of warm clients within a month.

You see it as a powerful way to help you stand out from the crowd, avoid being compared to others, and when you stand out, you can charge more.

You try sending a few emails..

But didn’t get any response.

You tried making a few calls, kept getting sent all around the place, and no idea who to speak with.

You fail miserably, embarrassingly, awkwardly.

None of your attempts get you anywhere.

None of your emails get a reply.

You try yet again

You buy a book and try some canned scripts which are so blah blah that no one listens.

You fail yet again.

In a hopeless, fed up sort of way.

And You Sit There

Wondering how do all the other people do this? The ones with back to back prospect meetings..the ones with a steady flow of high-paying prospects?

Pondering what can you do to get the same flow of prospect meetings of clients who want to work with me?

Grappling: with the possibility that this might never happen and that you might have to update your CV if you don’t get clients fast.

Puzzling on what else you can do to get more clients.

Doubting if you will ever have the same kind of engagement that others have, if you will EVER be the one to make your own business get more clients.

While others...

Get meetings and more clients with ease.

Take your customers.

Enjoy greater freedom and security that comes with having a steady drip of prospects that want to pay you.


I have developed a system that takes away…

The need to memorise inauthentic canned scripts

The problem of no meetings and no prospective clients

The struggle with getting prospects to meet you

It literally takes you from clueless and hopeless to clear and confident in 3 hours, without getting a personality transplant.


My name is Anis and I am just as quiet, introverted, not a natural talker, and not pushy, as you are.

I am a former social-awkwardite turned entrepreneur.

I am happier in the company of my cat and wife, than other people.

I am not the typical sales person. Raised in a culture that doesn’t like girls, I had zero social life before working. So I was painfully shy.

I practise mindfulness. It helped me let go of tonnes of emotional baggage holding me back in so many ways. 

I am also someone who knows how to turn conversations with strangers into paying clients, in the shortest possible time, using scientific and mindfulness methods.

I have been featured in….


It won’t work for me because I am not a sales person

You're in the right place and people are always surprised to hear I am a sales person. You not being a sales person works to your advantage! Trust me. People can sniff sales people a mile away and run the other way. All you need is to care about people. I know you care.

It won’t work for me because I’m introverted

Good, so am I. This works for me, works for other introverts, it will work for you.

It won't work for me because my business is unique and it's personal

You're right, your business is unique. But sales is never about what you sell, it's about the psychology of buyers and what they want.

If it was that simple then everyone would be doing this. 

No one takes the time to learn because most people are scared and prefer to stay in their comfort zone. You and I both know, growth and success doesn’t come from staying comfortable. Like anything, you can learn it. You will make mistakes, it won’t happen immediately, but you get a framework and systems and cheat-sheets to help you get there. 

But will this really work for me? Every single time?

When it comes to cold calling and emailing, nothing is 100% fool-proof. You cannot control the state or circumstances of the person on the other end of the phone. Maybe they just came out of a two-hour super boring meeting. Maybe a supplier just dropped out and now they’re super stressed, or maybe they're having personal problems at home.

What Conscious Cold Calling will do is help you minimise mistakes that leave prospects confused and uninterested, while giving you the certainty, that what you’re saying has worked 1000s of times, it’s just a matter taking action.

If it hasn't worked for me in the past, then how do I know if it will work for me now?

When you try any new skill for the first time without guidance, it’s common to get it wrong. If you’ve never done it before, you might not know what you’re doing wrong. The fact remains, organisations still rank cold-calling and emailing amongst the most effective lead-generation tactics when targeting businesses.

But my business is different, I’m selling myself, or I work in a different industry

Even freelancers and entrepreneurs selling a “product” are also selling themselves, their idea. They feel equally protective as those selling a service.

Sales is not about what you’re selling. People don't buy stuff or services. They buy the outcome, they buy a better future. They buy a better version of themselves. Sales is about psychology, and these methods are grounded in psychology.


The first of its kind training teaches you a mindful approach to sales so you can sell without the stress, without being sleazy, with your dignity and soul intact.

Unlike other courses that focus on techniques that work if you have the go-getter rah rah persona of a salesperson, this course helps you achieve the mind and soul shift, specifically designed to help absolute beginners, with zero confidence and zero experience in sales. 

Unlike other courses that are taught by salesy or TYPE A personas, what works for typical sales people doesn’t sit well with the likes of you and me. Here you will learn from an introvert and rare trainer who doesn’t espouse typical salesperson traits. If you're calm, introverted and don't like being pushy, you're in the right place.

Unlike other courses which are mostly theory, this course is delivered in a short, digestible, practical way, giving you exercise, customisable templates and worksheets. 

Finally, instead of learning from theory or people who've mostly been trainers, you're learning from my experience of making +7600 cold calls, in 20 countries, multiple industries, from sole-traders to government officials, generating £millions in revenue.


Happy student...

Why did you take the course?

I was struggling to figure out what I was doing wrong, and why I wasn’t getting any success with cold calling. Trying to figure out a better way of doing this.

I bought some of these other courses from gurus where they promise you’ll make a million. I’ve bought all kinds of junk. I didn’t jump right in. I read your blog posts and liked your tone.

What cold calling approach were you using before the course?

I was avoiding it and not really getting in to it.  Or I called old customers. But I found your exercises motivating.

How did Conscious Cold Calling help you?

It’s given me confidence. I know I’m not alone. I like the scripts and templates, and productivity tips. They gave me a platform to start and then tailor it to my needs. It changed the way I send cold emails. I now see how other sales people bore me with their emails.

I liked your videos, the worksheets and your insight. I would absolutely recommend Conscious Cold Calling.

-          Lisa Robbie, School Representative, Hachette Children's Group


• What to say, in a captivating way, instead of boring or salesy, so they want to meet you.

• Insider shortcuts to find endless new leads and how to reach them.

• Send compelling emails that get higher response, even if you’re not a gifted copywriter.

• Easily actionable, completely customisable system to making  calls that gets meetings.

•Avoid fumbling on a call, so you sound confident and get the meeting.

•How to get around “gatekeepers”, get directed to the right person sooner.

•Proven follow-up systems to keep the ball rolling and the meetings coming.

•Resources saving you hours so you invest more time in growing your potential leads.

•Insider tips that you would never know, unless you've made 1000s of cold calls. 

Companies invest over £1200 for telephone skills & email training.


We’re confident that if you do the work, you’ll get tremendous value. We back that up with your 110% money back guarantee. Here’s how it works:

Test drive Conscious Cold Calling. If within 14 days you don’t feel we’ve delivered value, if you honestly still don’t know what to say, if you don’t have more confidence, clarity or certainty, then we don’t deserve to keep your money. You have every right to ask for a full refund PLUS you will get a further 10% back for wasting your time.

Just reply to your welcome email, within 14 days, and we’ll issue you a full refund + 10%.

Nothing to lose. Endless opportunities to gain.


Helped me book more meetings
Made all the mistakes you speak about. This course has been really helpful! 

 - Founder, Massive Analytic

Now I have more confidence and more natural approach to making cold calls
I lacked confidence and dreaded calling, therefore procrastinated and did everything but call.

After Anis' training, I have more confidence and more natural approach to calls and it helped with staying motivated.

- CPA, IFR Systems

Immediate return on your investment
If you're on the fence: go for it. If you follow-through on Anis' coaching, you'll receive an immediate return on your investment and expand your ability to bless your prospects and clients.

- L. Kelly, Topeka, Kansas

Breaks down something that doesn’t come easy to most of us
Very easy to follow and has allowed me to scribble along and take my own notes as I went along. It really breaks down something that doesn’t come easy to most of us – and certainly not to me.

- Self-employed coach

Valuable with practical and easy examples I could follow to start calling immediately
I bought Conscious Cold Calling course because I wish to introduce these strategies to my marketing efforts and explore ways to increase sales. The course was quite valuable with practical and easy examples I could follow to start calling immediately. The topics are broken down into short, clear chunks.

I tried a course from a different provider but they didn’t give me the same confidence as Conscious Cold Calling. I would recommend the course as a functional tool for starting up the practice of cold calling.

- Founder, Opera Rita

12 Reasons you cannot afford to miss this

You will know:

  1. How to say what you need to say, briefly, and when to elaborate.
  2. Why wrestling with what to say for months on end is a waste of precious time and energy. Learn how to quickly get your words right in a matter of days, so you start connecting with people who want and need your services.
  3. How to make what you say sound natural and authentic and not forced. A forced spiel feels yukky and fake.
  4. The 4C system. This tool will change the way you make calls. Ignore this at your risk.
  5. How long should emails be? Should you send attachments of your products and services or not? No more guessing, and get to working.
  6. How to sound upbeat on the phone and not in a fake and salesy way, so you can connect and create a continuous drip of new potential customers, and have fun doing it. 
  7. How to send a cold email that helps you find the right contact.
  8. How to stop letting rejection and fear stop you from moving forward.
  9. How to overcome procrastination so you avoid self-sabotaging behaviors.
  10. The secret of getting around gatekeepers. You can’t avoid them, so learn how to work with them.
  11. What to say if you’re talking to the wrong person, so you get pointed to the right person, so you don't waste time.
  12. How to stay motivated so you can keep going, without b.s. motivational fluff.
  13. You get ZERO risk, with your 110% back guarantee.

When you buy, you'll get instant access to...

  • 20 quality videos to binge-watch your way to booking more meetings so you can grow your sales
  • Three modules of digestible chunks you can view in-between work breaks or on the go on your mobile
  • Specific exercises and techniques to help you improve what you say and how
  • Downloads and cheat-sheets to help you practise and imprint this new way of selling
  • Our 14-day 110% money-back guarantee - zero risk to you.


Another happy student...

What challenges were you experiencing before investing in Conscious Cold Calling? 

I'd never had even thought of picking up the phone, assuming that I would just be pestering people. I was a bit unsure about some of the cold calling email strategies at first, I was worried I might embarrass myself, but I took a plunge and amazingly got almost exclusively positive responses, which further reassured me that Anis's way is totally working. Her course helped me really enjoy the process.

If I hadn't taken your course I would be just sitting getting nervous about lack of jobs instead of being proactive during this time! Thanks so much for all your amazing work!

I have already recommended Anis's books and courses to a number of like-minded friends, especially that people in creative industries would not naturally seek help on 'selling', but Anis is about so much more than just selling, she's about finding joy and purpose in your work and uncovering one's inner confidence.


Every minute you're not investing in booking meetings with prospects, your competitors are taking away your market-share.

Your competitors already getting in front of your potential prospects, selling sub-standard products, at exorbitant prices.

Every moment you're not spending getting on the phone, your competitors are muddying the waters, creating mistrust amongst buyers, making it harder for you.

Every moment you're not investing in booking meetings with potential clients, you're missing out on greater reach, bigger impact, and substantial revenue. 

When you depend on inbound leads or social media, you're leaving yourself vulnerable to price-comparisons; that person has reached out to at least five of your competitors. When you learn to use the phone and email to develop new potential customers, you stand-out, get head, and can charge more. 

More than 50% of all new businesses fail within the first two years, and nothing makes a business fail faster than NO SALES. Sales is the most important function in your new business, but frequently the last on the list of priorities. And too often new business owners and freelancers leave sales activities too late and end up being desperate. Nobody likes desperate people.


Imagine picking up your phone, dialing one of your dream clients - one you’ve been too nervous to call - getting through to the right person and saying a couple of sentences, and getting a positive response. Just like that, you’ve booked a meeting in two weeks. Then imagine being able to do this over and over again, using your phone and email to create a flood of new leads for your business? Imagine the freedom this could bring you.




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  • 20 quality videos
  • Cheat-sheets
  • Resources

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  • 20 quality videos
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  • 20 quality videos
  • Cheat-sheets
  • Resources
  • Practise call with Anis (VALUE £279)
  • Email critique with Anis (VALUE £197)

When you invest in you, you invest in an entrepreneur

A percentage of your investment in us goes towards helping others create opportunities for their families and communities.

We’re eternally grateful to our clients for giving us the opportunity to make tiny contributions to support helping a mother of four farming entrepreneur in Cambodia buy more pesticides to protect her crops and hire a paid worker to increase the productivity of her crop. Three smallholder farmers in Honduras buy more crops and hire more workers to increase her yields. And three farmers in Kenya, invest in fertilizers, maize, livestock and hire more help, to grow their profits.

We support these organisations through donations and contributions from our business profits.


If you decide it’s not for you

Drop us a note and get your refund + 10% back for wasting your time. Absolutely nothing to lose, we take all the risk. You have everything to gain!

 Let's change the world together. I look forward to our journey. 

With appreciation, Anis Xx


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